How may I serve You..?

When I started on this path, I remember reading in some of the books about the notion of Service.  The idea being that as a Druid , you need to give something back to your community.  I don't believe that this is an idea restricted to modern Druidry and is probably a theme in most … Continue reading How may I serve You..?


Nothing is real?

So is there too much woo woo in paganism today?  Are we too quick to believe in magic rather than the logical scientific explanations? Are our deities just “invisible friends” as unreal and just as made up as imaginary childhood companions?  Should we be looking for the “Truth” and authenticity in all things spiritual?  Are … Continue reading Nothing is real?

Eisteddfod – The Bardic Chair of Anderida

Bardic Chair medals made by Cerri Lee   Imbolc is a very early spring festival, the beginning of the lambing season. A time when the early flowers such as the snowdrop start appearing . The word Imbolc basically means "in the belly"  So its a time of year when the land is pregnant with the … Continue reading Eisteddfod – The Bardic Chair of Anderida

Talking about a resolution

So, its that time again, a new year and traditionally a time for those resolutions.  I have shied away from making new years resolutions before.  They all seem to be about doing something “healthy” to better yourself, like give up smoking, loose weight, exercise more or giving up a favourite foodstuff.    Now doing these things … Continue reading Talking about a resolution