Y Mabinogi – The Second Branch

Y Mabinogi The Second Branch So, this arrived in the post last weekend.   I  had already heard the full album from the download link before it actually arrived, but none the less it was great to receive the CD,  not least because it gave me the chance to see the wonderful cover art by Cerri-Lee.  … Continue reading Y Mabinogi – The Second Branch


The Winds of change

As Pagans, whatever our path, we tend to celebrate the turning wheel in some way. We notice the change in the landscape around us from the cold bare silhouetted trees and brown fields of Winter, to the green lush foliage of Spring and early Summer, then the orange or golden leaves and brown fields of … Continue reading The Winds of change

Assembly of the Severed Head.. a review

I have not reviewed a book in this blog before.  I have mentioned titles that I like or recommend, but not specifically reviewed. However I felt that the marvellous book "The Assembly of the Severed Head" by Hugh Lupton deserved a review. I have for sometime had a love of the Mabinogion. I have read … Continue reading Assembly of the Severed Head.. a review

Are you sitting comfortably?…

Are you sitting comfortably?  Good then I will begin.. Those of you of a certain age may recognise these words from the BBC radio programme “Listen with Mother”  A few moments each day when a story for children was read out on air.  It was replaced with Listening Corner, which had a similar ethos.  Also … Continue reading Are you sitting comfortably?…