The Green and burning tree

I was cycling to work this morning, feeling a bit down in the dumps and miserable and thinking about my blog and how I really should write something. Then something happened.  I noticed the sunrise. I often see the sunrise on my morning cycle, but today it was a particular golden one full of autumn … Continue reading The Green and burning tree


Questing Questing 123 – Is the chase better than the catch?

A couple of years ago I wrote “The Modern Mabinogion” some modern mis-tellings of the ancient tales.  The other week I thought I would have a go at writing a version about the Arthurian tales and legends.  So with this in mind I re-read Le mort d’Arthur, and some other sources of the Arthurian tales. … Continue reading Questing Questing 123 – Is the chase better than the catch?

Reflections on the wheel

When you come to paganism, it is not too long before you are presented with the wheel of the year in some format. Maybe you are bombarded with information about the eight sabbats, festivals, ritual dates, celebrations, cross quarter and quarter days.   Different people refer to the points by different names  too.. Auutumn Equinox … Continue reading Reflections on the wheel

The Sun is the same in a relative way..

Stonehenge… That word conjures up so much to so many people. Some instantly think of Solstice and the Druids, Some think of free festivals, Some of the desecration of a national site of spiritual / historical interest, Some may shudder at the mention as it brings memories of raw conflicts within the pagan community. Some … Continue reading The Sun is the same in a relative way..