Jump – you might as well jump..

Thoughts on the element of Air I started this blog as a place to share my thoughts on various spiritual things as I follow a modern pagan path. However every now and again I need to write about something that has happened that is not intrinsically pagan. I have just had one of the best … Continue reading Jump – you might as well jump..


Autumn Equinox

So the wheel turns again.. three quarters of the way round now and we reach the Autumn Equinox. I could call it Alban Elfed, the name given to this time in the 18th Century by the Druid revival. I could refer to this time as Mabon.. the term first coined by Aiden Kelly in the … Continue reading Autumn Equinox

There’s a feeling I get when I look to the West..

Despite the title, this blog is not about the wonderful Led Zeppelin song "Stairway to heaven". I have actually been thinking about the links of the four main elements to the four main Cardinal compass points. Generally in UK Paganism we associate Air with the East, Fire with the South, Water with the West and … Continue reading There’s a feeling I get when I look to the West..