A Kind of Magic

As a pagan, I am often asked whether I believe in magic or cast magic spells.  The answer is invariably, yes, I do very much believe in magic but no I very rarely cast any spells.  I view casting of spells and the making of magic as more of a witchcraft thing as opposed to … Continue reading A Kind of Magic

The Green and burning tree

I was cycling to work this morning, feeling a bit down in the dumps and miserable and thinking about my blog and how I really should write something. Then something happened.  I noticed the sunrise. I often see the sunrise on my morning cycle, but today it was a particular golden one full of autumn … Continue reading The Green and burning tree

Questing Questing 123 – Is the chase better than the catch?

A couple of years ago I wrote “The Modern Mabinogion” some modern mis-tellings of the ancient tales.  The other week I thought I would have a go at writing a version about the Arthurian tales and legends.  So with this in mind I re-read Le mort d’Arthur, and some other sources of the Arthurian tales. … Continue reading Questing Questing 123 – Is the chase better than the catch?